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Division of Clinical Psychology


Working with stabilisation and support

Presenter: – Dr Roger Kingerlee and Melanie Goodwin

The presenters will discuss what this means to them and how it translates into practice. Roger and Melanie will share what has been effective personally and professionally, both within a voluntary organisation and the NHS. We will explore how this learning can be developed and integrated into working with clients who experience DID that is adversely affecting their lives, as well as the importance of the multidisciplinary relationships, including the client being seen as a ‘partnership’ and how this can work within the confines of the NHS. We will also discuss the need for developing and sustaining communication between all those involved with an individual’s care plan and how, if effective, the care plan can serve as a developing foundation assisting stabilisation that enables desired changes for the client. Finally, we will explain how this approach can be internalised by clients, helping them to develop communication and co-operation with their different parts.

Level – Introductory/all


Dr Roger Kingerlee is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Consultant in Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, working extensively with people with DID and other trauma-related issues.

Through her lived experience of accepting and managing her own DID, Melanie Goodwin, a trainer for First Person Plural has established peer support groups for those who have DID.