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Children who are a ‘TAD’* troubled in school –Introduction

(*T- Trauma, A- Attachment, D -Dissociation )


Trauma almost always results in dissociation in children, particularly in young children and trauma interrupts the attachment process.

For children who have experienced neglect and / or abuse, the above present major obstacles to learning.

“All learning has an emotional base” Plato.

For the purpose of this workshop the focus will be upon DISSOCIATION but must also acknowledge trauma and attachment, as they are intertwined in the ‘troubled triangle’ and also have to be addressed. The impact of traumatic experiences upon a child, coupled with attachment problems and dissociation, impacts the brain, which in turn has a major influence on how children cope in the classroom and it is no surprise, that often these are the children who struggle to achieve their academic potential in school.

By understanding the child and understanding the use of dissociation as an adaptive strategy, the child may be assisted to access their ‘thinking brain’ in school and therefore maximise their potential to learn. In this work shop, case studies will be used to explore theory to practice and to provide practical information and strategies to assist the dissociative child in the classroom.

Lynne Ryan

Lynne is a senior therapist at Integrate Families, providing specialist therapeutic input to address trauma, attachment and dissociation in adopted children and their families. She is also the lead children’s therapist at a sexual abuse charity and works in private practice.

She has 23 years of therapeutic work experience, having worked with adults, children and families in a variety of settings including: local authority social work, charitable organisations, NHS, and voluntary agency settings. She is a HCPC registered social worker and a BACP registered counsellor.

In addition, she is an EMDR therapist and a member of EMDR UK and Ireland and has presented at the international EMDR conference in Edinburgh in 2014 and in York in 2015.

She specialises in work with traumatised children and adults and is a member of ESTD (European Society for Trauma and Dissociation) and continues to participate in and deliver training, in trauma, attachment and dissociation.