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Division of Clinical Psychology


The development and provision of a psychological therapy service for patients with dissociative seizures

Presenter: – Dr Tammy Walker

The aim of this workshop is to describe the development and commissioning of a psychological treatment service for patients with dissociative seizures. This will start with consideration of what is meant by the term dissociative seizure. This will serve as an introduction to the broader range of dissociative symptoms commonly seen in neurology clinics, setting the scene for outlining a recently commissioned psychological therapy service that has been developed in Nottingham to treat patients with dissociative seizures. Treatment approaches will be discussed alongside some initial clinical and financial outcome data. Service provision nationally will be reviewed and there will be an opportunity for questions about the service and developing business cases for commissioners.

This workshop is intended to be accessible to all conference delegates.

Tammy Walker is a clinical psychologist based at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. In collaboration with her neurology colleagues, she has developed a treatment service for patients diagnosed with dissociative seizures. Dissociative seizures are episodes of altered movement, sensation, or experience that resemble epileptic seizures but are not associated with epileptiform electrical discharges in the brain. Instead, they are considered to have an underlying dissociative mechanism.