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Profiling of the complex Adolescent in the family system

How the history and life story of the child has impacted the child to develop the complex behaviours seen in the adolescents with trauma and dissociation.  This will be done at the hand of a case study.  Further information will also be provided regarding techniques that might motivate adolescents to engage with therapy when they have dissociative symptoms as well as the role of the parents in this process. 

Les Ryan

Les Ryan is working as Senior Therapist at Integrate Families.  Integrate Families is the National Centre for Children with Complex Trauma and Dissociation in England.  Les practice as a specialist in the complexities of the adoptive family system, assisting with attachment, trauma and dissociation.  Les also presents training in subjects and topics that will enhance the understanding of parents and professional involved with children and adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation.