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Perspectives on working with ritually abused clients

Dr Sandra Buck MB, ChB, DCH, DFSRH, Chair of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support) Retired Community  Paediatrician, will be introducing 3 members of RAINS, Julian Turner and two other members. They will share their knowledge & experience of working with clients who disclose sadistic organised abuse and mind control. 
The three members are experienced clinicians and will present their own perspectives from working with ritually abused clients.
They will cover what you need to know in order to stay grounded when confronted with the confusions and complexities of ritual abuse work.  It will help to understand the needs of the survivor to eventually establish trust with dissociated parts and develop an empathic collaboration in dealing with these complexities. 
It is suitable for therapists with clients who report these kind of serious sexual crimes, and perhaps are puzzled by what they are hearing from their clients.  It is also suitable for therapists who wish to know something more about what this work entails. Some of the information may be triggering for survivors.
Julian Turner (Biographical Details)
I was educated at New College, Oxford (English Language and Literature) and Goldsmiths College, London where I studied psychology and anthropology. I began my working life in a therapeutic community for young men who had attachment issues in 1978. After this I worked in London with care leavers and then ran a counselling service in Hackney for young people. I then moved to Yorkshire to run mental health services in 1996, taking early retirement in 2010 to develop a private practice. I have had 25 years experience working with people who dissociate. I consider them to be normal people who had to use emergency measures to deal with extreme experiences.

The two other members will introduce themselves at the workshop.