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Move beyond words: Embodied expressive arts therapies with survivors of childhood abuse and attachment trauma

Presenter: – Dr. Zoë Pool

Dr. Zoë Pool explores how embodied, Expressive Arts Therapies contribute creative possibilities for recovery from attachment based childhood trauma and abuse. With safe containment in transitional, ‘in-between’ spaces, expressive arts invite movement across metaphorical bridges. Safe passage of survivors’ psycho-somatic, time-frozen symptoms into presence is facilitated. All internal family, self-parts-selves are welcomed into relationship, including those hated, rejected or feared. Utilising metaphors of body-parts-whole, wise-healing-self/selves, through movement, rhythm, symbol, shape, colour, character, emotions, and more, dissociative phenomena are creatively embodied in presence and relationship.

Participants tap into creative well springs to face and express mind-body-emotions-spirit blocks, and compassionately accept and transform suffering, destructive patterns and needs. We witness each person’s unique journey with respect, empathy, resonance and acceptance.

Dr Zoë Pool is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, with over twenty years experience working with survivors of all forms of childhood abuse. Zoë has been the Service Director of Dorset Action on Abuse since 2007, where she manages, trains and supervises a team of counsellors and supervisors, and works therapeutically with clients presenting with complex, attachment-based trauma and dissociation. Zoë also facilitates creative, expressive arts in therapy with individuals and groups.