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Developing a model of good practice for police working with survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Presenter: Dr Elly Hanson

There are many barriers to people with DID reporting childhood abuse to the police, and when they do report these crimes, they often receive an inadequate response. In many cases this is due to police confusion and ignorance about dissociation and DID. This situation has contributed to there being no known UK convictions resulting from the testimony of someone with identified DID. This situation must change; DID often results from the most serious crimes.

This workshop aims to share and further develop emerging practice guidance for police working with survivors of childhood abuse who have DID. Ideas of what good practice involves will be shared by the presenter, and gathered from those attending. To stimulate thinking, several case studies will be discussed. The ideas generated during the workshop will inform guidance to the police, and information for survivors and their supporters about what standards they should expect if and when they report crimes of childhood abuse.

Level: All/introductory

Dr Elly Hanson

Elly is an independent Clinical Psychologist who works with the National Crime Agency (especially CEOP) and local police forces providing consultancy and training related to childhood sexual abuse. She also conducts research in this field and works closely with a variety of childhood-abuse related charities. She has previously worked in an NHS substance misuse service, where she provided psychological therapy to those with abuse-related difficulties; a residential children’s care company; and a service for young people with harmful sexual behaviour.