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Division of Clinical Psychology


Medical Aspects of Children and Adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation.

Presenter: – Dr Renee P Marks

This workshop will focus on the physical impact of complex trauma, somatoform dissociation, somatisation due to the trauma as well as medical trauma on a child. The information will be provided at the hand of practical case illustrations where the impact of trauma on the body of the child will be discussed between infancy and young adulthood. The impact if left untreated until late adolescence will be illustrated with original notes of a parent versus the behavioural impact and internal experiences of the child.

This workshop hopes to raise awareness of a more neglected area of child trauma and highlight the dissociation that might inevitably be part of the complex trauma as well as of traumatic medical treatment. Left untreated, it might have a significant impact on the child.

DrReneeMarksRenée Marks is working as Consultant Therapist and Clinical Lead at Integrate Families in the North of England. Integrate Families is a National Centre for Children with Complex Trauma and Dissociation. Renée is a national and international trainer on the topic of attachment, emotional regulation, complex trauma and dissociation in children and adolescents. She is a member of the Child and Adolescents Committee of the ISSTD and also an accredited trainer for their on-line training. Renée is the chair of the Child and Adolescent Committee of the European Society on Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) and specialises in the more serious and complicated population of traumatised children and adolescents. Renée is also an expert witness and provides clinical supervision and consultation to different agencies and therapists.