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Making Inpatient Services “Dissociation & DID Friendly

Presenter: – Dr. Mel Temple

Assessing the impact on service delivery, staff confidence and patient experience in an Inpatient Unit following all staff training with the 4 Day ETSD & FPP Introductory package.

Outline: Many complex patient with trauma and dissociative difficulties spend time on inpatient units and yet staff on these units have no training or awareness of these presentations or how to support patients with them. Patients often report a very negative and non-validating experience of the same. In setting up a new service for patients with personality disorder, complex trauma & DID, the new unit consultant, supported by the employers, organised for all staff to undergo the 4 day introductory module in understanding dissociation provided by ETSD in conjunction with FPP prior to the unit opening. The hope was that this would allow the staff to have an understanding of these presentations and feel more skilled in their management so improving patient experience. This workshop presents an assessment of these outcomes a year after the unit opening.

Dr Temple is a consultant psychiatrist & psychotherapist and EMDR consultant. She is the consultant for the specialist in patient service for patients with personality disorder, complex trauma and DID (The Kemp Unit) at The Retreat in York. Her specialist interest area is working with complex patients and has worked across secondary & tertiary NHS settings and time in the military mental health services. We also hope to have a service user presenting as part of the workshop, details TBC.