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Division of Clinical Psychology


Internal attachment relationships: The 5 C’s v. The 2 D’s

Presenter: – Sue Richardson, Attachment-based psychotherapist

This practice-focussed workshop explores ways of creating more secure internal attachment between multiple selves by building a supportive internal environment based on the 5 C’s: compassion, communication, connection, co-operation and co-consciousness. The principle of the 5 C’s inform each stage of therapy but can be hard to promote in the client’s system since they are in direct conflict with survival strategies based on the 2 D’s: disconnection & dissociation. The workshop will be participative and consider some of the challenges for both client and therapist along with sharing practical examples of how to promote the 5 C’s in pursuit of a changed state of mind and restructured internal relationships.

Level: Open to practitioners at any level of experience who are already working with a dissociative client(s).

Sue Richardson is a UKCP registered psychotherapist in independent practice and a member of The John Bowlby Centre. She has over 30 years experience in the helping professions and is a founder member of the ESTD UK network and the ESTD UK training group.