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Identifying and working with age appropriate developmental stages while stabilising trauma related behaviour

Presenter: – Kathryn Livingston and Melanie Goodwin

Kathryn and Melanie survived extreme abuse including organised abuse. Both have received therapy that addresses their DID as their primary diagnosis and have used their life experiences to help raise an awareness and educate about the reality of living with DID; an important part of their journey is working on behalf of First Person Plural to achieve this. Recognising how different their lives are they appreciate the many common threads that have helped them to support each other and others.

This workshop will look at the origins of their complex dissociation, the therapeutic approaches that they have found helpful and some less so and the importance of understanding presenting behaviour that is a direct reaction to trauma. It will identify behaviours that are missed developmental stages that need to be experienced allowing for the developmental time line to become a core part of the whole person. Melanie experiences her dissociation as ‘organic development’, while Kathryn can identify with this she will also talk about her experience of ‘imposed dissociation’. They will address the different approaches and techniques that have enabled this part of their journey.

Intermediate/more experienced.

Kathryn Livingston

Melanie Goodwin