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Has Spirituality has been supplanted by therapy? Is there room for both?

Presenter: – Tanya Orr

We will explore spirituality as a potential resource and barrier in therapy with special reference to the therapist spiritual orientation or none.

We will be curious together about the dualistic thinking that can emerge when we introduce spirituality into therapy.

We will consider the influence of the spiritual particularly with clients who have insecure attachment and  / or are dissociative and DID.

Tanya Orr is a qualified and accredited counsellor, supervisor and trainer with a particular interest in trauma, attachment and dissociation. Following her curiosity about the impact trauma has on the body she trained in sensorimotor psychotherapy and has integrated this approach into her model for working with trauma.
Tanya is the Executive Director of The Willows Counselling Service in Swindon. Previously she lived in Northern Ireland with her family where she co-established Restore Counselling. Tanya has served on various Boards and is currently Chair of TAG (Trauma Abuse Group) and Trustee of the Swindon Counselling and Psychotherapy Network.