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Division of Clinical Psychology


Forensic Issues in Working with Survivors of Organised Crime

Presenters: –  Elizabeth Ross and Sandra Buck

This workshop is intended for those practitioners working with survivors of organised crime who find the ethical and practice guidelines published by BACP, UKCP and others insufficient for containing the client, therapist and supervisor alike. The workshop aims to be practical and empowering, so we may feel more competent in our work, and is divided in two parts: Ongoing Risk & Assessment and Competent Advocacy.
Ongoing Risk & Assessment: we will present a ‘Therapy Safety Checklist’ for therapists, which details the key issues arising from working with such complex clients. To help practitioners place their work in a wider context, we will present an overview of intelligence services globally and, specifically for British intelligence services, how information is graded and sources protected. 
Competent Advocacy: we will discuss how to support survivors of extreme abuse who might wish to report their experience to the police, and also consider what the police may need to understand when interviewing such complex clients. This module will be interactive and participants are invited to contribute from their practice.
The workshop is an opportunity to discuss the difficulties we face in our work with forensic issues, our anxieties and ‘our own perceived shortcomings’. We will address how to engage confidently and competently with law enforcement agencies, from client advocacy through to report writing.


Dr Sandra Buck Mb, ChB, DCH, DFSRH, Retired Community Paediatrician, Chair of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support

Elisabeth Ross MBACB (Accr), AdvDip in Forensic Counselling and Psychotherapy is a psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor in general and forensic practice in south London. One of her clinical specialisms is extreme abuse (spiritual, satanic, ritual abuse and mind control) and working with survivors of organised crime. She provides specialist supervision for therapists within this field.