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‘EMDR therapy for schizophrenia and psychosis; part of the spectrum of dissociation’

Presenter: – Paul William Miller, MD DMH MRCPsych

Research is sparse needing critical examination and peer review. Case-reports describe success with psychosis and the findings are consistent internationally. Past trauma, when identified as an aetiological factor to psychosis, and treated with EMDR therapy results in functional improvement clinically. EMDR therapy effectively treats people with psychotic experiences, without causing destabilization. Psychotic phenomena can be tracked back to suitable targets for reprocessing and the ICoNN method proposes modifications to the standard EMDR protocol enabling the identification of these targets. This AIP-informed understanding of psychosis explains pathology: guides therapeutic endeavour and is predictive of outcome.

Paul William Miller, MD DMH MRCPsych

– Psychiatrist, EMDR Consultant, Facilitator & Trainer-in-training. He has served on the EMDR UK and Ireland Association Council: chairing the training subcommittee. Dr Miller is a popular speaker, who has spoken at TEDx Belfast and Internationally presented on ‘EMDR therapy in schizophrenia and other psychoses’. He has just published a book with Springer of the same title. Having introduced EMDR therapy to the Northern Ireland NHS he founded Mirabilis Health: the first private psychiatrist-led clinic specializing in EMDR therapy. He has been an Honorary Lecturer in Birmingham University, and Queen’s University Belfast and is the recipient of: The Galloway Award, presented by the National Schizophrenia Fellowship (2000), International Society for Psychiatric Genetics – Travelling Scholarship (2001), and The NI Section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Research Prize (2002).