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Dreaming for Others

Presenter: – Iris Benson MBE

As a person living with DID, multiple parts, and working within the NHS for a very large Mental Health Trust, I have found that it can be really difficult for staff who care for me to see past the many co morbidities and other stigmatising labels I have.

I have an acceptance of my diagnosis now but  I often hear very negative and risk averse statements said about people like me. I know how deadly this can be in hindering someone’s recovery, I live with my parts/ alters.

This fully co-produced and delivered  workshop with Lyn will take you on a journey of discovery and Hope that you can Dream for people with not only DID but any disability. It is very possible, to live well and have a meaningful, fulfilling life.

I hope that through my lived experience and Lyn’s experience you will see it is absolutely possible, as long as you have the right help and ongoing support. You can dream for people like me, If you do it together anything is possible.

Iris Benson MBE;
Iris  is a Service User Carer rep, expert by experience, Lead on No Force a First and service user Lead on Values Based Recruitment and Peer worker, for Merseycare NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust in Liverpool, and passionate about Co Production and delivery and Recovery.

Iris has been accessing services for over 25 years, with both good and bad experiences, even though most days she can be very symptomatic, with distressing voices, hallucinations, she lives a meaningful fulfilling life, dispite her mental and physical ill health.

Iris is passionate about using her lived experience of being restrained, and many inpatient stays over a long period of time, but believes that everyone has a gift, and that service users (people) should be enabled and fully supported to be able to use the many many talents, harness all the strengths they have to help others, and give Hope and opportunity to all for a very different future.

Iris is involved in a wide range of other things within Merseycare NHS FoundationTrust, working alongside staff and others who have supported and helped her on what has been a long, difficult and sad journey at times and remains in services. She feels that without all the support from her family friends and many staff that she wouldn’t be alive today.