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Both in the Dark

Presenter: – Hilary Freeman

A workshop looking at how therapists in private practice adapt their way of working with clients’ dissociative states, how this affects supervision and self care.

For someone living with a dissociative disorder, there will be no knowing what is causing the problem, whatever that might be, which prompts finding a therapist.

For therapists working in private practice, there is no knowing who might refer themselves for therapy. There will be no preceding assessment report as there might be when working in a clinic.
Both client and therapist are in the dark.

It might be soon, or it might be years into therapy when it dawns on a client that trauma in early life has been completely blanked out. As flashbacks and memories begin and a picture of the past starts to emerge, new, unimagined ways of working in therapy might well be needed.

Both client and therapist find themselves in uncharted territory.

The workshop will consist of an outline of the topic followed by small group discussions and a final plenary discussion.

Hilary Freeman is a BACP psychotherapist and BAPPS registered supervisor working in private practice in Suffolk. Trained forty years ago, it is in the past fifteen years that her work has developed to be primarily concerned with early trauma and all degrees of dissociative disorder. Hilary is involved in working with local NHS psychiatric services to encourage working together with clients with DID.