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Where available, slides of the individual workshop presentations are available below to download.

Thursday  morning 11.30 – 1.00

Assessing and treating emotional regulation and stability in children and adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation

Presenter – Dr Renee Marks: – Consultant Therapist and Clinical lead at Integrate Families

The use of medicine in children with complex trauma and dissociation

Presenter- Dr Adrian Stierum: – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Voice of the Family’ Supporting Parents and Carers of Children Experiencing Trauma and Dissociation

Presenter – Claire Harrison-Breed: – a registered Gestalt Psychotherapist, Counsellor, CBT therapist, Play Therapist and Social worker she offers a range of tailored therapeutic

“Understanding Alters” – looking at possible reasons why alters emerge using video clips of therapy sessions with DID clients


Presenter – Dr Mike Lloyd: – works as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist for the Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as well as in private practice.


Identifying and working with age appropriate developmental stages while stabilising trauma related behaviour

Presenters – Kathryn Livingston and Melanie Goodwin: – experts by experience and co-founders of First Person Plural a survivor led organisation celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017.

‘EMDR therapy for schizophrenia and psychosis; part of the spectrum of dissociation’

Presenter – Paul William Miller, MD DMH MRCPsych – Psychiatrist, EMDR Consultant, Facilitator & Trainer-in-training. He has served on the EMDR UK and Ireland Association Council.

Dreaming for Others: working for the NHS to help and enable change for others

Presenter – Iris Benson MBE

The Legal Process – Criminal Law versus Civil Law

Presenter – Peter Garsden is the Head of the Abuse department within Simpson Millar LLP solicitors and he is also President of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL)

Making Inpatient Services “Dissociation & DID Friendly” – Assessing the impact on service delivery, staff confidence and patient experience in an Inpatient Unit following all staff training with the ESTD-UK

Presenter – Dr Temple is a consultant psychiatrist & psychotherapist, EMDR consultant and is the consultant for the specialist in patient service for patients with personality disorder, complex trauma and DID (The Kemp Unit) at The Retreat in York.

Thursday  Afternoon 2.00 – 3.30

Parent presenting on the experience of parenting a dissociative child to recovery

Presenter is a Parent expert by experience. A mother will share her experiences of living and caring for a child with high levels of dissociation and her struggle to work with the complexity of the dissociation and therapeutic parenting role.

Medical aspects of dissociation in children.

Presenter – Dr Renee Marks: – Consultant Therapist and Clinical lead at Integrate Families.

Beam me up Scotty! : Do we need to change our technique for children that dissociate


Presenter: Dr Jo Russell – Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Perspectives on working with ritually abused clients

Presenter: – Dr Sandra Buck MB, ChB, DCH, DFSRH
 Chair of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)
 Retired Community Paediatrician with Julian Turner and one other member of RAINS.

Move beyond words: Embodied expressive arts therapies with survivors of childhood abuse and attachment trauma

Presenter: Dr Zoë Pool: – UKCP registered psychotherapist and Service Director of Dorset Action on Abuse.


Internal attachment relationships: The 5 C’s v. The 2 D’s

Presenter: – Sue Richardson, Attachment-based psychotherapist

Developing therapy services for patients with dissociative seizures

Presenter – Dr Tammy Walker – Clinical Psychologist

From name to number: how can the process of the incarceration create unconscious re-enactments of loss, trauma and dissociation?

Presenter – Carolynne Murphy: – art psychotherapist, forensic based (UKCP/HCPC registered)

Working with stabilisation and support

Presenters – Dr Roger Kingerlee: – Senior Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Consultant in Norfolk and Suffolk NHS and Melanie Goodwin expert by experience

Friday Morning 11.00 – 12.30

Profiling of the complex Adolescent in the family system

Presenter – Les Ryan is working as Senior Therapist at Integrate Families,she practices as a specialist in the complexities of the adoptive family system, assisting with attachment, trauma and dissociation.

Panel discussion:  Adaptation of core therapeutic training to work with children and adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation.

Panel – Dr. Russell; Claire Harrison-Breedt;  David Stimson and Dr Renee Marks


Both in the Dark – looking at how therapists in private practice adapt their way of working with clients’ dissociative states, how this affects supervision and self care.

Presenter– Hilary Freeman is a BACP psychotherapist and BAPPS registered supervisor working in private practice.


Has Spirituality has been supplanted by therapy? Is there room for both?

Presenter – Tanya Orr Reg. MBACP (Sen Accred), Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, MPhil Counselling
Executive Director of Willows Counselling, Swindon, Chair of Trauma and Abuse Group (tag).

My experience of working with the body of clients who are DID

Presenter – Celia Harrisson: – BACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor and Advanced Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.

Developing a model of good practice for police working with survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Presenter:- Dr. Elly Hanson is an independent clinical psychologist who specialises in the field of abuse and trauma. Her work includes working for CEOP and the NSPCC providing psychological assessment and therapy. 


Forensic Issues in Working with Survivors of Organised Crime

Presenters –  Sandra Buck: – Mb, ChB, DCH, DFSRH
Retired Community Paediatrician, Chair of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support and Elisabeth Ross: – MBACB (Accr), 
AdvDip in Forensic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Small Changes Make Big Differences – two journeys that will reflect on the pitfalls and negativity of misunderstandings to helpful and positive approaches.

Presenter: – Carol Broad and Kathryn Livingston, Experts by experience.

Friday Afternoon 1.30 – 3.00

The Troubled Triangle:

Presenter – Lynne Ryan: – senior therapist at Integrate Families, and a  BSARC Therapist.

Just a Moment: the healing power of music on the brain for children, adolescents and their families

Presenter – Joy Hasler MA: – was a special needs music teacher who retrained as a Music Therapist.  She co-founded Catchpoint, an Adoption Support Agency.


Traumasensitive mindfulness and self-compassion – A programme developed for patients with complex trauma and dissociation.

Presenter – Malin Wästlund is a senior psychotherapist specialized in trauma, working at a District Psychiatric centre in Notodden, Norway.

The complex nature of working with ritual abuse (RA) and mind control (MC) 

Presenter is a psychotherapist and a member of RAINS.

Working with voices in psychosis from a structural dissociative perspective 

Presenter – Dr Angela Kennedy: – Consultant Psychologist and Service lead for a specialist therapy team with people presenting with long term psychotic presentations, including Dissociative Disorders and Schizophrenia.

Working with War Veterans

Presenters Dr Jennie Ormerod and Dr Ashleigh McLellan are members of the Humber Traumatic Stress Service.

You have to start somewhere – Building skills in working with dissociation in Trauma,Norwich mental health services.

Presenters: Helena Crockford, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust & Remy Aquarone, analytical Psychotherapist, director, Pottergate Centre for Dissociation and Trauma.

Dissociation and risk: Using trauma-evidence to assess children and parents in child protection

Presenter – Dr Sam Warner: – Consultant clinical psychologist and honorary lecturer, Salford University, UK